Gerriets at the Humboldt Forum Berlin

Umkirch, 01. July 2021

In the middle of Berlin's historic centre, the Humboldt Forum opened (digital) on 17th of December 2020. Designed as a place for culture and science, for exchange, debate, experience and encounter, the Humboldt Forum presents outstanding collections and a diverse programme. Gerriets was able to contribute to two exhibition areas with its projection screens and the well-known, reliable Gerriets technology.

  • In the so-called "Humboldt Laboratory", an extraordinary Gerriets projection screen curtain with precisely coordinated pleat allowance and passage opening made of Gerriets projection screen OPERA LIGHT BLUE with a size of 16 x 5 metres was installed on a curved Gerriets JOKER 95 track system on behalf of INSIDE OUTSIDE from Amsterdam. On this "projection screen curtain" there is an elaborate, interactive softedge projection of a shoal of fish, depicting the influence of man in all ecosystems, in the earth's atmosphere and even in the deep geological layers of the planet. In the further area of the exhibition, two smaller OPERA LIGHT BLUE projection screens are used, one of which is also digitally printed.
  • In the entrance area to the permanent exhibition in the Humboldt Forum, Gerriets was commissioned by digitech from Patersdorf to supply and install a large roll-up projection screen as well as a 28-metre-wide and 4-metre-high panoramic screen, freely suspended on a complex steel construction at a distance of 1.20 metres from the wall behind it. Gerriets GAMMULUX MICRO was used as the projection screen. Its acoustic transparency allows the positioning of a loudspeaker system behind the projection screen. The panoramic screen shows a collage of the 800-year history of the buildings that once stood on the site of the Humboldt Forum, their uses and important events that took place here.