Wide Width Muslin And Canvas

When you need SEAMLESS, think Gerriets.

Gerriets has been on the forefront of wide width heavyweight muslins for over 30 years. In 1985 Gerriets developed the first wide width looms that can weave muslins over 30' wide and then over 40' wide a few years later. Take advantage of straight from the factory pricing on muslins that range from 10' wide up to over 40' wide and since we own the looms you can be guaranteed that quality goods will be delivered. Click here to learn more about our wide width muslin and canvas

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  • COTTON MUSLIN is a plain, tightly woven sheeting with a multitude of uses in the theatre; CANVAS is similar, but thicker and heavier. Both are real workhorse fabrics in scenic design.
  • NFR COTTON MUSLIN and CANVAS take paint beautifully, so these fabrics are ideal for painted backdrops, scenic flats, and the like. And the translucence of cotton makes it perfect for lighting and projected effects. To meet code requirements for most venues, flame retardant treatment can be applied after painting.
  • FR COTTON MUSLIN is ideal for bounce drops, cycloramas, and other applications where the surface is used for lighting effects rather than paint (which can interact adversely with the FR chemicals in the fabric). The tight weave of the cotton gives it a luminous glow when lit, and wide widths make it possible to have seamless expanses up to 12,192 meter (40 feet) wide.
  • IFR POLYESTER MUSLIN & CANVAS offer, in addition to inherent flame retardancy, a softer texture than cotton. These synthetics are, unlike cotton, impervious to moisture, so they perform extremely well in high-humidity climates and as drapery for outdoor applications. Durable and washable, POLY-MUSLIN and CANVAS are also very useful for trade show booths and other exhibition purposes where stringent IFR requirements apply. These materials also make excellent surfaces for scenic lighting effects, projection, and cycloramas (which can be seamless up to 12 meters (40 feet) high).

We’ve Been Weaving Wide Width Seamless Muslin for Over 30 Years

Until the introduction of Gerriets’ Seamless 33’0” (10m) muslin in 1985, 33’ (10m) wide muslin was woven folded on a 16’ (5m) wide loom. In order to do this, the shuttle had to travel a U-shaped path and heavier reinforcing threads were required halfway into the cloth at the point where the shuttle changed direction. This “shuttle pack”, when rear illuminated on stage, caused an annoying shadow line throughout the drop. The reinforcing threads also absorbed dye differently, creating problems for scenic designers. Gerriets engineered the first 33’ (10m) wide loom using technology developed by a Swiss firm to weave narrow width cotton. Five, 6’6” (2 m) looms were dismantled and reassembled together to form one 33’ (10m) loom. Bullet-like projectiles carry the thread from one side of the loom to the other. They track across the loom within hundreds of metal guides and are trapped at the far side, then drop into a conveyor belt which returns them to be shot across again. Because the cloth is woven flat, reinforcing threads are unnecessary and the result is a smooth, seamless expanse, 33’ (10m) wide. Translucent sky drops are truly SEAMLESS, revealing only what the scenic artist painted. A few years later, we further increased our capacity to weave wide width seamless muslin by engineering the worlds’ first 41’ (12m) loom. Today, Gerriets is a leading weaver and supplier of wide width SEAMLESS muslin to the entertainment, exhibition and TV & Film production industries.