Decoration and set design play a crucial role in the design of stage sets, film sets and events. Through the skilful selection of props and colours, atmospheres can be created that support the desired mood and aesthetic. Creative design elements such as lighting and textures help to create a unique visual experience. Decoration and set design are therefore essential components of any production or event.

Foils & mirrors

Highly reflective metal foils and self-adhesive polystyrene and lightweight mirrors open up a wide range of possible applications. They are ideal for use in decoration and exhibition stand construction, on theatre stages, in museum exhibitions, on cruise ships, in television and film productions, in photography and architecture as well as in dance studios. They are also ideal for designing retail and shop window decorations.

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Surface panelling

The surface cladding "THE WALL" offers a versatile solution for decorative structures in various areas such as theatres, events, film sets and more. With a realistic 3D structure and feather-light weight, it enables quick and easy installation. The FORM'IT product family combines the properties of textiles/films and a mouldable aluminium foil. FORM'IT materials are a symbiosis of a freely mouldable carrier material and a single-sided or double-sided lamination.

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Photo: © dffb

Decoration materials

Decoration materials for stage requirements play a crucial role in creating impressive and atmospheric scenery. The versatile materials include crash glass made of plastic, which imitates realistic-looking shards of glass thanks to its fracture-like structure, but is completely safe and easy to handle. Stage foliage, usually made of plastic or textiles, brings nature onto the stage and creates a lively atmosphere.

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Decorative textiles

Decorative textiles open up a wide range of design options for stage sets and create impressive visual effects. These flexible materials are easy to cut, adjust and attach, making creative staging easier. With their help, varied and appealing backdrops are created that captivate the audience. The use of decorative textiles turns stage sets into fascinating works of art that enrich every performance.

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