Gerriet's floors are known worldwide for their excellent quality and durability.

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Starting with the VARIO CLASSIC dance floor, the range has developed over four decades into an extensive selection of high-quality dance, event and stage floors. These floors are used in various dance disciplines, theatre and stage productions, exhibitions, trade fairs, fashion shows and film productions. Gerriets offers the right floor for every requirement, be it matt, high-gloss, textured, custom-printed, reflective, ergonomic or for digital effects in film.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of dance floors, sprung floors and textile floor coverings, we place great importance on the reliability and durability of the materials, but at least as much on the well-being and health of the dancers.

More than 75 years of experience in dance and on the stage have fuelled our ambition to constantly develop new floors that are gentle on the body.

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Dance, event & exhibition flooring

Are you looking for the right floor for your dance studio, your next trade fair, event, ballet or theatre production, your individual stage design or an art installation? Then Gerriets is the right place for you.

Choose from an extensive range of dance, event and exhibition floors.

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sprung floor

Surface-elastic and easy on the joints!

Whether for fixed and permanent installation or mobile use - VARIO ERGODANCE, the surface-elastic sprung floor is designed for all applications and has been tested in accordance with the sports flooring standard.

VARIO ERGODANCE combines optimum, joint-friendly damping behaviour with the highest material quality, a completely new type of eccentric locking system and fast installation times thanks to a sophisticated tongue and groove system with guide.

For touring use, we also offer a version with a protective plate on the underside of the elastomers.

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Dance floors

The mobile dance floor!

Always in use when temporary or permanently installed universal surfaces need to be created on hard or uneven surfaces.

For all dance events and similar events, quickly installed and stable.

Floor cloths

Light, fast and decorative!

Textile floor cloths can be laid extremely quickly on any stage and removed even more quickly, which is essential for productions with changing stage sets.

Our SAMOS, SAMOS PLUS, ELBA, ELBA PLUS and MALTA floor cloths can be both painted and printed on.

The floor cloths can be sewn and are available with or without a rubberised coating for increased slip resistance on the stage surface.

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Stage & exhibition carpet

Inexpensive and versatile!

The EXPO stage and trade fair carpet can be used as a quick and inexpensive surface for all types of events - whether at trade fairs, weddings, mega events or congresses.

EXPO is available in many colours and is ideal for temporary events.

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In addition to the products already presented, we also offer you a wide range of matching accessories.

Choose from our extensive range of adhesive tapes. Our glossy and matt VARIO TAPES are colour-coordinated with our dance, event and exhibition floors.

Our VARIO TRANSPORT TROLLEY is used to conveniently transport VARIO dance and design floors.

With our innovative GAFFGUN tape roller, you can lay cables and floors in the shortest possible time and in an upright position.

The double-sided adhesive laying grid VARIO HAFT is used for the temporary and even laying of floor coverings and dance floors.

The VARIO ELASTIK dance floor underlay is suitable for increasing step elasticity.

We recommend our universal CLEANING SET for the maintenance of dance and design floors.

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