Photo: © Fabian Lüdicke
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DISCOVER YOUR LOVER Freiburg University of Music - Freiburg, Germany


Freiburg University of Music


Freiburg, Germany


Alexander Schulin

Stage design
  • Fabian Lüdicke
  • Malsaal Theatre Freiburg

Stage design with hand-painted floor cloth ELBA PLUS

The three short operas selected for the Musikhochschule Freiburg production focus on the search for love and recognition, but also on marital problems, affairs, distance and alienation: from the glamorously snobbish city life of the fine lady Amelia around 1890, to the emotional world of two unhappily married couples who meet regularly to play bridge, to Bernstein's caricature of staid American suburban life in Trouble in Tahiti, which he wrote during his honeymoon.

In the stage set, solitary pedestals set the scene for the actors, reinforcing the impression of self-centredness and the distancing from one another that some of them are trying to overcome. The specially designed ELBA PLUS floor cloth continues the metropolitan backdrop on the stage floor, allowing the background and foreground to merge. This flowing transition to the orchestra pit creates an effect of depth and places the singers at the centre of the action instead of just "in front" of them.

The ELBA PLUS floor cloth was designed in advance of the production by the Malsaal of Freiburg Theatre, whose employees were impressed by the material's ease of use and wide range of design options.

Project data

American short operas - production of the Freiburg University of Music in the Wolfgang Hoffmann Hall:

  • Design of the stage floor with painted ELBA PLUS floor cloth, fixing with VARIO TAPE.