Event & Entertainment

Discover a world of possibilities with our outstanding stage and event technology. From impressive stage curtains to variable acoustic elements - we set creative accents and create unique atmospheres for concerts, trade fairs and events of all kinds.

We offer advanced acoustic solutions, including transparent acoustic curtains and innovative absorbers, for an optimal sound backdrop. Our products make it possible to customize the acoustics in event spaces to guarantee an outstanding listening experience.

Photo: © Zweiplan GmbH / Ralph Larmann
Progroup Cyclorama - Leipzig, Germany / Rear projection screen OPTIBLACK 2.2

Our extensive range of event supplies meets the highest quality standards and enables you to turn creative visions into reality. We offer customized advice and innovative ideas to make your event or production a complete success.

MEGASCREEN roll-up screen

For permanently installed large formats

Thanks to the modified design of the carbon tube and simplified connection of the modules, the roll-up screen system is ideal for permanent installation.

Our references from the event & entertainment sector

Our mission is to support and inspire the creativity of our customers by offering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. With Gerriets at your side, your stage becomes not just a platform, but a place of magic and inspiration.

Photo: © Caleb Tkach
Terrell Place Lobby Washington, D.C. / USA

FROST diffusion film in use as an interactive lobby display

Our equipment is characterized by outstanding quality, functionality and versatility. We understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer customized solutions to meet the requirements of every project. Our dedicated experts work closely with customers to ensure that the equipment is perfectly tailored to the needs of the production.

Amusement parks

Discover tailor-made solutions from Gerriets for amusement parks! As an expert in stage and event equipment, we offer a broad product portfolio and many years of experience.

From decoration to effect materials and state-of-the-art stage technology - Gerriets is your partner for unforgettable visitor experiences in theme parks!

Kolumbusjolle; Europa-Park
Photo: © Peter Nielsen

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