Photo: © Caleb Tkach
Event & Entertainment

Terrell Place Lobby - Washington, D.C., USA


Terrell Place


Washington D.C., USA


ESI Design


Cinematic Interiors, Howard Friedman

FROST diffusion film in use as an interactive lobby display

Project data

  • Creating a harmonious and modern atmosphere in the Terrell Place office and retail complex. Redesign of the foyer and corridor walls using FROST diffusion film, which is used as a screen in front of an LED wall.
  • Production of eleven FROST diffuser walls; up to a size of 24.0 x 4.0 metres.
  • FROST reproduces the light aspects of the projected media, while the darker aspects remain in the background, creating a three-dimensional effect.
  • Distance between the LED wall and the diffusion film: approx. 5.0 cm; pixel pitch: 5.7 mm.