Photo: © Tim Buiting, Dammes Mees Kieft & Frenzy Paris

EINDER - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands / Berlin, Germany

Artistic direction

Toon Rooijmans - Music Elias Mazian - Sound design Boris Acket

Concept & creative direction

Boris Acket - Creative Coding & Technology Lumus Instruments

Audiovisual installation - combination of moving fabrics, light and audio synchronization

Inspired by his album "Vrij van Dromen" (De Vlieger / Job Jobse, 2020), Elias Mazian (DJ and producer), together with his friend Boris Acket (audiovisual artist), looked for a way to artistically present textile materials as repetitive, flowing forms and in motion. The kinetic, 30 m long audiovisual installation was realized with the help of motors and fans, which are intended to represent the lightness of the natural movements of the textile - a laser fabric by Gerriets - on stage.

In collaboration with the creative designers and engineers of Lumus Instruments and the interior designer Toon Rooijmans, the project quickly developed from the original idea of a "backdrop" into a poetic piece. The parameters are controllable, but each synthetically generated wave behaves individually - like a vertical water surface that transforms into different weather conditions and appearances through movement, light and sound.

In this way, EINDER is intended to make people think about the way humans control nature - how we look at it and how we always want to control something. EINDER is a hypnotic work that never once behaves in the same way and seems to be alive in every space it occupies.

Project data