Photo: © Jennifer Rohrbacher
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Action theatre PAN.OPTIKUM - Freiburg, Germany


Action theatre PAN.OPTIKUM


Freiburg, Germany

The theatre project is a participatory artists' collective that combines music, theatre and dance. The group consists of 104 people aged between 18 and 25. The main features include the video projections on the dance floor and the mirroring of the stage, which change the perception of space.

"It all started with a pretty crazy idea: to install a 12x9m mirror at a 45-degree angle in a public space, giving the impression that it was floating freely in the air. It was also supposed to be mobile, as it would tour throughout Europe as the central stage design element of an urban dance performance after its premiere in 2023/24.

After many people thought we were crazy - that the idea was spectacular but technically and, above all, statically impossible to realise - we met with the Gerriets construction team during the experimental phase.

Various trades were integrated right from the start, as the choice of surface material and its processing was also to play a central role in the realisation of the idea.

And what we have experienced and developed together with this team over the past few months has been extraordinary on many levels, the likes of which we have never experienced in previous collaborations: Not only the technical expertise and the willingness to see every new difficulty that arose as a motivational boost to achieve a common goal, but also the collegial interaction with each other and the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our needs and constraints of a very special theatre business was a gift for us. THANK YOU to the whole team! We arealready looking forward to our next project with you! "

Matthias Rettner and Sigrun Fritsch, action theatre PAN.OPTIKUM

Project data

  • Tour-ready LEICHTSPIEGEL 12.0 x 9.0 m made of 36 aluminium composite panels, high-gloss polished with ceramic sealant.
  • Dance floor VARIO 2.0 white, which also serves as a projection surface.
  • FORM'IT UNO granite, slate and FORM'IT DUO slate.