Photo: © Pierre Grosbois
Theater & Culture

à2pas2laporte - Château-Gontier, France

Customer / Producer

Collectif Label Brut


Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne, France


Grégoire Faucheux

Author & Actor

Laurent Fraunié


After his first piece "Mooooooooonstres", Laurent Fraunié has now written the second part of this triptych entitled "à2pas2delaporte" on the subject of the most intimate fears. While the first part was dedicated to the fear of falling asleep, "à2pas2delaporte" deals with the fear of change. The character played by Laurent Fraunié is confronted with the idea of movement, of leaving a familiar and reassuring space to face an unknown, fantasised space. This is represented on stage by the door and the window, which offer a view of an outside world that is both attractive and frightening.

Laurent Fraunié, who specialises in the genre of object and image theatre, addresses his audience without a word, in an exchange in which gestures replace words. The ephemeral and slippery materials used are sufficient in themselves to express the instability of the figure and contrast with the unchanging appearance of the wall against which the figure collides.

Project data

Staging of the production "à2pas2laporte" based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault at the Scène Nationale Le Carré in Château Gontier in November 2016:

  • 7 frames covered with MEGASTRETCH in the colour white.