Photo: © Tim Northam
Theater & Culture

Acte sans Paroles, Samuel Beckett Madame Suzie Productions - Nantes, France


Madame Suzie Productions


Nantes, France

Staging & interpretation

David Humeu

Stage design

Tim Northam

Floor cloth CORFU PLUS

Directed by David Humeau and Yvon Lapous, the plays "Catastrophe", "Fragment de théâtre" and "Acte sans Paroles" form a triptych in which choreography, text and visual theatre merge. In these works, written between 1956 and 1982, Samuel Beckett questions the absurd and the complexity of human existence with radicalism and humour. The burlesque and silent ballet of the play "Acte sans Paroles", for which Gerriets created the floor cloth CORFU PLUS, shows a lonely figure trying to grasp objects that are slipping away from her in a moving environment.

Project data

For the set design of the play "Acte sans Paroles" by Samuel Beckett, which is set in a desert and therefore in a space with excessive exposure to light, set designer Tim Northam chose the CORFU PLUS stage carpet for its pristine white colour and non-slip coating, which gives it a beautiful sheen and excellent traction. Another important advantage of the CORFU PLUS carpet for the set designer was that it lies flat and yet "can be rolled up, unrolled, folded and carried several times during the performance". Contrasts between light and dark areas, soft or bright lighting effects, a successful staging and presentation thanks to the CORFU PLUS carpet, the white underlay at the heart of this creation:

  • Creation of a CORFU PLUS stage carpet in the colour white, measuring 6.50 m x 4.00 m (two strips sewn horizontally with a belt sewn on the back to maintain the evenness of the carpet despite the seam).