Photo: © Gerriets GmbH
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ARTHUR Europa-Park - Rust, Germany




Rust, Germany

Worlds are created with FORM'IT by Gerriets

The interactive attraction at Europa-Park is modelled on the three feature films "Arthur and the Minimoys" and begins with a themed ride in which visitors are immersed in the world of the Minimoys from a ground perspective. Passing huge roots, mushrooms and oversized insects, the ride leads through the otherwise hidden microcosm and ends in a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

For the design of the Kingdom of the Minimoys themed area, Gerriets supplied the FORM'IT modelling fabric in various designs: in tree, granite and slate look.

The material combines the properties of textiles/foils and a modellable aluminium foil. It can be printed or painted and is suitable for cutting, sewing, gluing and modelling. Its flame retardancy (M1) makes it perfect for use in public areas such as fairground rides. FORM'IT can be used to design both small, intricate and extremely large areas of entire sets.

Project data

  • Use of approx. 400 m FORM'IT UNO Tree, approx. 270 m FORM'IT UNO Granite and approx. 250 m FORM'IT UNO Slate.