Photo: © Peter Tijhuis
Office & Interior

Axel Springer SE - Berlin, Germany


Axel Springer SE, Berlin


Berlin, Germany

Elaborately manufactured design curtains made from different materials

The 13-storey cube-shaped new Axel Springer building has been officially open since October 2020 and is located on the former course of the inner-German border, which runs right through the building. The design for the modern office building comes from the renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

The curtains produced and installed by Gerriets make a significant contribution to the interior design. The curtains were designed by Inside Outside, with whom Gerriets has a long-standing partnership.

Project data

  • approx. 400 metres of ELEGANCE and TRUMPF 95 tracks,
  • elaborately manufactured curtains made from the following materials:- BÜHNENGAZE 105 white and grey,
    • Printed velour,
    • GLATTGLANZFOLIE in black and white,
    • FROST diffusion film,
    • GLASS CLEAR FILM other special materials such as silk, nets and linen fabrics.