Photo: © Nik Schweiger
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C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG - Düsseldorf, Germany


C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG, Berlin


Düsseldorf, Germany



Gerriets manufactured and supplied the complete textile furnishings and a "visual effects wall" for the exclusive and unique branch of the C. Bechstein flagship store in Düsseldorf, based on a design by multi-award-winning interior designer Nik Schweiger from Berlin.

Almost 60 specially treated, flame-retardant, multi-layered felt design panels were installed on over 170 metres of Gerriets-TRUMPF 95 track systems, creating a space-defining structure known as "room gliders". The room gliders glide silently through the large room on 177 TRUMPF 95 HD trolleys, creating more privacy during individual consultations. By absorbing sound in the medium and higher frequencies, the multi-layered felt panels from Gerriets also create pleasant room acoustics.

In the tradition of the illusion architecture of castles, a large part of the room was covered with a wall textile printed and customised by Gerriets and the famous Huang Shan Mountains in China. The image composition, which covers over 200 square metres, was specially developed for Bechstein. Behind it, various acoustic resonators are embedded in the walls to absorb the low frequencies.

Several remote-controlled camera systems can be moved almost invisibly and silently on suspended rails, enabling recording and live streaming in high broadcast quality. Concerts taking place at the same time or content specially designed for the salesroom are projected onto the large acoustic glass wall, which is finished with the almost invisible Gerriets INVISCREEN projection film. The acoustic glass wall also has hinges laminated into the glass so that the entire pane can be used with the INVISCREEN film. The projection film is used by three CANON laser projectors and a PIXERA media server from AV Stumpfl.

Project data

  • Over 170 metres of Gerriets TRUMPF 95 track system.
  • 177 TRUMPF 95 HD trolleys.
  • 64 multi-layer, flame-retardant felt panels.
  • 3 Canon XEED WUX 7000 laser projectors with wide-angle lenses.
  • PIXERA media server.
  • Over 40 m² INVISCREEN high brightness projection film.