Photo: © Ellen Crane Photography
Theater & Culture

CHECKMATE Trainor Dance - New York City, USA


Manhattan Movement's Art Centre


New York City, USA


Trainor Dance


Ellen Crane Photography

An innovative use of the dance floor during a modern dance performance

Project details

  • Trainor Dance, a New York-based dance company known for visually compelling, physically exciting and thought-provoking dance performances, needed a Marley dance floor with the right combination of quality, feel and grip that could be safely danced on when cut into multiple 1.6m x 1.6m panels while being easily moved by the dancers in the piece.
  • Gerriets fabricated and cut 1.6m x 1.6m of black and white VARIO CLASSIC reversible flooring for the Trainor Dance performance of "Checkmate".
  • In "Checkmate", the dancers moved the panels to create different shapes and patterns on the floor during the dance piece.