Photo: © Eatrenalin - Europa-Park
Event & Entertainment

Eatrenalin Europa-Park - Rust, Germany


Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG


Rust, Germany

An experience not only with special dishes, but also full of flavours, sounds, projections, technology and unique interior design.

The gourmet restaurant has several rooms with different atmospheres. For four of these rooms, Gerriets has created different curtains and projection screens that have been specially customised to create these worlds.

Special effects such as the discovery of the floating chairs, which transport guests from one room to another, are achieved with the help of our textiles and mechanisms, among other things.

Project data

  • Projection cylinder Ø approx. 10.0 m with 3 automatic sliding doors.
  • Ceiling sails made of Chinese silk HABUTAI in raw white colour.
  • 2 curved curtains in 2 parts made of TERRA in grey-brown up to 32.0 m wide and 6.0 m high.
  • Curtain made of event textile FOCUS in colour cream white 9.8 m wide x 5.0 m high.