Photo: © Claudia Höhne
Event & Entertainment

Elbphilharmonie - Hamburg, Germany


Elbphilharmonie Hamburg


Hamburg, Germany

General contractor

HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft


Herzog & de Meuron

Use of variable absorber systems in the large and small halls

Project data

  • Small auditorium: Production and installation of 52 G-SORBER systems; acoustic roller banners can be lowered from the ceiling from above and retracted completely into the ceiling when not in use, up to 1.70 m wide and 6.50 m high, curtain made of ABSORBER CS acoustic fabric.
  • Large hall: further development of the G-SORBER system - use of a worldwide new technology; production and installation of 81 motorised and variable double roller banners; acoustic roller banners are raised from the parquet floor and can also be completely lowered into the floor again, 3.00 m wide and up to 2.60 m high, curtain made of specially developed and acoustically effective fabric.