Photo: © Olivier Quadah
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Elle voulait mourir et aller à Paris, Joachim Latarjet - Paris, France


Compagnie Oh ! Oui...


Paris, France

Direction and stage design

Joachim Latarjet

Dance floor VARIO GLANZ

The musical theatre piece "Elle voulait mourir et aller à Paris" (She wanted to die and go to Paris), written by Alban Lefrance and directed by Joachim Latarjet, is about the burden of family and exile. Latarjet, whose mother is Greek and whose father is French and who grew up in France, knows little about his Greek culture. To write this theatre fiction about family mythologies, a support for the creation of the script, Latarjet travels to Greece, interviews his family and thus puts together the pieces of his life. For the director, the aim of this play is not to tell his story, but "what it conveys". A family piece with music and dance, in which the shiny black VARIO dance floor, selected together with lighting designer Léandre Garcia Lamolla, plays the leading role.

Project data

Joachim Latarjet and Léandre Garcia Lamolla decided to use our shiny VARIO dance carpet for the simple and sleek stage design of the musical theatre piece "Elle voulait mourir et vivre à Paris", which tells its own story. This carpet, jet black like "the limbo of memory", as Léandre Garcia Lamolla puts it, is a reminder of the confusion that each of us sometimes faces about our origins. Reflection plays a role in this piece. Because the mirror image, played here by the carpet, seems to us to be identical to reality. In reality, however, we see the opposite. Due to these characteristics of reflection and the deep black colour, the director opted for our glossy VARIO carpet in black, which guarantees a play of light. The light and thin VARIO glossy carpet also offered technical advantages that were perfect for this play, as it was quick to dismantle and easy to install.

  • Dance floor VARIO GLANZ in the colour black with the dimensions 10 m x 10.50 m.