Photo: © Aljoša Rebolj
Event & Entertainment

HAMLET Gradsko kazalište Marina Držića - Dubrovnik, Croatia


Marin Držić Theatre


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Livija Pandur

Dramaturgy and text editing

Tibor Hrs Pandur

Front and rear projection screen OPERA® LIGHT BLUE

"HAMLET - a record of the crimes of a monarchy" is a theatre play that points to the beginning of the Third World War. The dramaturgical adaptation by the Slovenian writer Tibor Hrs Pandur and the direction by Livija Pandur herald the apocalypse. The gloomy atmosphere is further intensified when Miran Brautović's video projections are shown on the OPERA® HELLBLAU projection screen.

Project data

  • Front and rear projection screen OPERA® HELLBLAU / Dimensions: 7.00 x 8.00 m.