Photo: © Gerriets GmbH
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Jim Knopf - Journey through Lummerland Europa-Park - Rust, Germany




Rust, Germany

Curtain made from stage velour BARCELONA

Travelling with good old steam locomotive Emma on the island with two mountains: the "Jim Button - Journey through Lummerland" ride attraction takes young and old on an exciting train journey and visits the main characters from Michael Ende's story.

For the hall of King Alfonso the Fourth Before Twelfth, Gerriets designed an unveiling curtain that uses compressed air cylinders to open (and close) extremely quickly as soon as the train passes through a light barrier just before the room. The unusually fast opening guarantees the element of surprise and shields the hall from prying eyes from outside.

Project data

  • Two-part curtain made of BARCELONA stage velour, in the colour red; 3.60 x 2.50 m; with 80 % pleat allowance.
  • Fitted to TRUMPF 95 rail.
  • Opening/closing with compressed air cylinder controlled by light barrier.