Photo: © Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse / Tim Händel
Event & Entertainment

Memorium Nuremberg Trials - Nuremberg, Germany


Office Müller-Rieger GmbH


Nuremberg, Germany

The media installation takes the audience on a virtual journey 80 years into the past in Room 600 of the Nuremberg Trials. The room has changed considerably over the course of its history, but with the support of historical film and photo recordings, an extensive digital reconstruction of the courtroom and the mobile TUBE roll-up screen system from Gerriets, the audience can be transported back to the historical events.

"Zeitreise Saal 600 | Courtroom 600: Time Travel" is a permanent exhibition of the Memorium Nuremberg Trials and can be experienced entirely in German and English.

Project data

  • Roll-up screen TUBE, with a length of 11 metres and G-FRAME control.
  • Portal veil made of GOBELINTÜLL 1150 in the colour grey.