Photo: © HNK ZG

MY BRILLIANT FRIEND Croatian National Theater - Zagreb, Croatia


Croatian National Theater


Zagreb, Croatia


Marina Pejnović

Stage and costume

Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

Asymmetrical OPERA MILKIG MATT® for majestic effects

Elena Ferrante is an Italian writer who won over readers and critics alike with the publication of her novel "My Ingenious Friend". So it is not surprising that we find her story on the stage as well. Following the translation into Croatian by Ana Badurina and the adaptation of the text by Nina Pavlović, director Marina Pejnović created a suspenseful and deeply emotional performance.

Project data

  • Front and rear projection screen OPERA MILCHIG MATT®: width: 9.34 m, height: 6.01 m and 4.81 m respectively.