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Opera House - Sydney, Australia


Sydney Opera House


Sydney, Australia

Acoustic roller banner mechanism unique in the world

In recent years, the Opera House, a World Heritage-listed masterpiece, has renovated various halls. In July 2022, the opera house completed extensive modernisation work on the Concert Hall.

The Concert Hall is the centrepiece of the Opera House, its largest indoor venue and home to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, as well as a stage for modern music and performance, lectures, circus and more.

The refurbishment brings important improvements including better acoustics for performers and audiences, new state-of-the-art theatre machinery and staging systems, and a more flexible and safer working environment for backstage staff.

We were involved in this project with customised designs and techniques for the Concert Hall under the project management of Kalle Verweyen and partly with mechanics from our partner Waagner Biro Stage Systems.

Project data

  • Several roller banners up to 14.0 metres high, partly including mechanics.
  • Two-layer, prefabricated and custom-coloured hangings (colour gradient).
  • Worldwide unique mechanics including textiles for a total of 22 special constructions up to a width of approx. 3.00 m and an extension height of up to 2.25 m from a housing standing on the ground with a maximum housing dimension of 3.08 x 0.6 x 0.15 m.
  • Several curtains made of black WOOLSERGE and SATIN CS.