Photo: © Rosalie O'Conner
Theater & Culture

PAS/PARTS Boston Ballet - Boston, USA


Boston Ballet


Boston, USA

Choreography, set and lighting design

William Forsythe

Event venue

Boston Opera House

REVUE front and rear projection film in use as a circular horizon

Project data

  • Production of three REVUE front and rear projection screens for the ballet production "Pas/Parts".
  • Use of one projection screen as a circular horizon; dimensions of the projection screen: 20.7 x 9.7 m.
  • Use of two projection foils as side walls; dimensions of the projection foils: 8.8 x 8.2 m.
  • A projection screen made of SHIRTING nettle fabric was installed behind the REVUE projection surface to further diffuse the light; dimensions of the projection surface: 20.7 x 10.7 m.