Photo: © OMA
Theater & Culture

Performing Arts Centre - Taipei, Taiwan


OMA, Inside Outside


Taipei, Taiwan

Design architect

OMA. Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten

Interior designer

Inside Outside

This architectural project plays with different elements and consists of a central cube from which other structures such as the striking sphere emerge. The art centre was conceived as an experimental space where rooms can be redesigned and used in different ways.

The interior design is determined by a colour concept: public rooms in blue, practice rooms in pink, backstage rooms in dark brown. In the "Blue Box" room, a decorative curtain made of glass fibre fabric in a special shade of blue was mounted on JOKER TRAC-DRIVE rails. Three EVEN projection screens were produced for the round theatre hall with an oval portal opening, two of them with a CUE-TRACK track guide on the top and bottom. The projection screens can thus be moved vertically and horizontally. This means that numerous variable stage openings can be realised.

Project data

  • Decorative curtain made of glass fibre fabric in a special shade of blue with 20 interruptions made of blue, semi-transparent CS VOILE projection fabric designed by Inside Outside Petra Blaisse. Mounted on JOKER TRAC-DRIVE track system.
  • 2 EVEN projection screens approx. 21 m x 13 m suspended between two special CUE-TRACK track systems (top + bottom).
  • One EVEN projection screen on on-site load bars.
  • Indoor mobile dance floor VARIO ERGODANCE - approx. 340 m².
  • In addition, other textiles, soundproof curtains made of CLIVIA 600 and WOOLSERGE 500 and various projection films.