Photo: © Zweiplan GmbH / Ralph Larmann
Event & Entertainment

Progroup Cyclorama - Leipzig, Germany


Progroup AG and Zweiplan GmbH


Leipzig, Germany

Progroup AG celebrated its 30th anniversary at the exhibition centre in Leipzig, marking the generational change in management in a very special way.

The event, which was full of art and surprises, took place in an out-of-this-world atmosphere. The event was organised by Zweiplan GmbH and brought together around 2,300 guests in a room that was set up like a spaceship orbiting the earth.

This effect was achieved in part by the projection screen, which Gerriets designed as a large cyclorama.

Project data

  • 81.0 m wide x 9.14 m high OPTIBLACK 2.2 rear projection screen suspended from a curved tube