Photo: © Ana Catalaa
Event & Entertainment

THE SYMA LINE Layla de Mue - Berlin, Germany


Layla de Mue / Layla Mueller


Berlin, Germany

Creative Technologist

Imanol Gomez


Lisa Sophie Baermann

Haute couture fashion creations with Gerriets textiles

Project data

As part of her haute couture fashion line "The Syma Line", designer Layla de Mue combines fashion with technology. The special thing about the fashion creations is their visualisation of sound - the unique pieces react to music.

The haute couture was made from various Gerriets textiles:

  • Chinese silk HABUTAI; in the colour raw white;
  • stage velour ASCONA ECHO; in the colour black;
  • Acoustic fabric ABSORBER CS; in the colour black;
  • ABSORBER LIGHT acoustic fabric; in the colours anthracite and white.