Photo: © Arnaud Bertereau
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TOSCA Opéra de Rouen Normandie - Rouen, France


Opéra de Rouen Normandie - Tosca


Rouen, France


David Bobée


Aurélie Lemaignen

THE WALL BRICK Imitation brickwork

David Bobée's production of "Tosca" at the Opéra de Rouen Normandie stands for the closeness and authenticity of the characters and thus hits the nerve of today's society. In addition to the centrepiece of the plot, the love triangle, current socio-political and historical aspects are addressed: how to live in an occupied country, the place of the artist's freedom and how men in positions of power also usurp power over women. Soprano Latonia Moore on her role: "This is not Floria Tosca on stage, it's her in her real life." A fact that she (although she describes herself as a traditionalist) has so far missed in other productions. This makes the characters in this production a little more human, more comprehensible.

Authenticity and closeness were also chosen for the scenography of the play: Highly elaborate imitation brickwork THE WALL BRICK was used to recreate sacred spaces, such as the Roman church of Sant'Andrea Della Valle. In another scene, destroyed buildings with fissured walls convey the war-like state of a world ruled by tyrants. An effect that makes the backdrop of Bobée's "Tosca" so effective with Gerriets' imitation masonry and the possibility of detailed design by set designers.

Project data

  • approx. 460 m² of THE WALL BRICK Silver painted by the customer.