Photo: © Charlyne Azzalin
Event & Entertainment

Tout Mon Amour CDN La Comédie de St-Etienne - St-Etienee, France


La Comédie de St-Etienne, Centre Dramatique National


Saint-Etienne, France


Pierre Nouvel

Stage design with event fabric CS VOILE

Laurent Mauvignier's first play, "Tout mon Amour", is the result of the work of this captivating writer, whose style shines through in this production, which questions the boundaries between real and mental spaces. "Tout mon amour" tells the story of a married couple whose six-year-old daughter disappeared without a trace more than ten years ago. Without psychological demonstration or pathos, Laurent Mauvignier offers his audience a drama with crime thriller elements against the backdrop of tragic family events.

The director dedicates his work to the most intimate themes such as grief, family and absence and thus manages to give a place to the unspeakable. The way the play is written in different sequences gives it a rhythm that allows the audience to experience the difficulty each character has in moving on after certain traumas.

Pierre Nouvel's set design is based on our light grey CS VOILE, which divides the stage into two parts by the diagonal. This boundary makes it possible to create two main playing areas, one of which is located behind the CS VOILE and clouds the spectator's view through a play of transparency and diffuse, warm light.

Project data

  • 3 veils made of CS VOILE light grey.
  • Width: up to 4.90 m, height: 3.00 m.