Photo: © Vitra, Photo: Eduardo Perez

Vitra Club Office - Birsfelden, Switzerland


Consulting & Planning Studio, Vitra International AG


Headquarters Birsfelden, Switzerland

OFFICE soundproof curtains with STUDIO OFFICE and ELEGANCE track

The Vitra Club Office concept addresses new ways of working together in times of the pandemic and beyond. Realized as a prototype at the headquarters, the "office of the future" focuses on collaboration, community, a sense of belonging, identity and inspiration. The Club Office enables meetings in various spaces, for which flexible zoning is essential: In the public area, spontaneous meetings are also possible with external parties, workshops and teamwork take place in the semi-public area, while the private area is intended as a protected zone for individual work.

For the reinvention of the office and the design of future-proof workplaces, multifunctional spaces are required, which can be realized individually and temporarily in no time at all thanks to the OFFICE sound curtain from Gerriets. Gerriets was entrusted with the entire curtain fit-out for the first Vitra Club Office at the headquarters in Birsfelden.

Project data

  • OFFICE sound curtain with 3 layers for sound insulation with a weighted sound reduction index of 11 dB, mounted on wall arms; outer layers made of a customer-specific textile.
  • STUDIO OFFICE track curved in a U-shape, suspended from the shed roof with steel cables, powder-coated white at the customer's request, curtain made of a customized textile from Annette Douglas; a sound-absorbing textile with alpha(w) 0.5.
  • ELEGANCE tracks grooved flush with the ceiling, sound-absorbing curtains made from the customized textile Liquid Classic by Annette Douglas.
  • Anti-glare curtains in meeting rooms made of a customized textile from Nya Nordiska.