Curtain up for the reopened State Opera Unter den Linden

Umkirch, 15. December 2017
Gerriets supplies main curtain and main curtain system FENCE to the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden

On 3rd of October 2017 the ensemble of the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden was able to relocate the historic opera house after seven years of general restoration. The opera has been constructed in 1742 on behalf of Friedrich II as 'Royal Court Opera'.  In compliance with monument preservation aspects amongst others  the stage technology was renewed. The sustainment of the preserved historical character of the opera house played an important role.

Therefore, Gerriets manufactured the main curtain after historical model and in careful manual work. It is made from stage velvet CLIVIA 600 in a shade of red, which was exclusively defined for the state opera. Fine golden applications such as filigree embroidery, elegant and special fringes as well as noble borders decorate the 22 m wide and 10 m high main curtain, whose design was developed by the architects of HG Merz. The delivery of the art curtain took place via Waagner-Biro.

With an increase in the reverberation time from 1.1 to 1.6 seconds, an acoustic improvement in the auditorium should be achieved. Due to the sound-reflecting effect of wood, it was decided against a textile soffit and for a painted wooden soffit. As painting model a 10 m wide and 3.4 m high curtain was manufactured in the original shade of red.

The opening of the main curtain is either horizontal Greek or vertical German. To ensure that the curtain stays in its intended fullness both during opening and closing operation Gerriets was tasked by the firm Theatertechnische Systeme GmbH to supply a 20 m long, modular designed and motorized Scissor Track System FENCE.  When the main curtain is not in use it can be stowed away in protective bags made from SUPER CANVAS CS.

During the conversion of stage sets, a 7-layer sound curtain can be moved vertically to acoustically separate the main stage from the auditorium. The outer layer of the sound-absorbing curtain was also made from the flame-retardant stage velvet CLIVIA 600. The smooth-hanging curtain is guided laterally by means of special guide rollers on an on-site steel wire for stabilization and expansion. The sound curtain, with a width of 17.5 m and a height of 12.5 m, which has a sound insulation index of 18 dB, covers the stage opening and therefore ensures optimum acoustic isolation.

For the rehearsal stage 1, Gerriets also supplied various curtains made of black acoustically highly effective stage velvet ASCONA 570 with TRUMPF 95 walk along track via ARTTHEA Bühnentechnik.