THE WALL Brick & Rock Wall Panels

The most realistic faux rock and brick wall panels available today!

THE WALL is simply the most realistic faux brick or rock wall panels available. Indispensable for set design in stage, television and film, as well as other applications, these ultra-realistic faux panels come in two models: BRICK, which looks like a hand laid brick wall; and ROCK, which mimics a natural stone wall, with both styles available in a range of colors. These panels are made from flame retardant Neopoor and slot together very easily thus creating a seamless large expanse of brick or rock quickly and easily.

The Neopoor construction gives the wall panels the illusion of more heft and depth when compared to vacuform wall panels systems. Paint is easily applied to the porous surface of the wall panels. The wall panels are easy to cut with a sharp matte knife and can be formed to curve around shapes. Due to their light weight and rigid structure, they can simply be attached via hook and loop fasteners allowing for repeated use along with numerous other methods.